Equilibrium Arts

Concert Agency


To foster the development of an ongoing cultural exchange by identifying and facilitating mutually beneficial performance opportunities. This series of concerts will not only bring the joy of new music to the culture and arts community but become a significant contributor to quality of life and connection between the countries.


Through music, we will contribute culturally and economically to the city life by arranging a series of concerts, which will provide performance opportunities for professional musicians (who would not necessarily have the connections to organize this themselves), and develop their international profile.


The mandate of our project is to: present accessible, high quality music and arts events; provide performance opportunities for artists; increase awareness and appreciation for a diverse range of music; contribute to the community by providing opportunities for audiences to access high quality performances from all over the world.


Live performance: is an important form of global communication; breaks down barriers and brings cultures together; is a forum for positive artistic, social and intercultural development. We are dedicated to providing the best musical choices to the audiences. Artists are chosen not only for their musical ability but also for their ability to perform and to reach audiences.